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What customers are saying about X1

Improve Responsiveness to Customers
"Suppose I am on the phone with a customer who has a question that I don't have an answer to off the top of my head, I can do a search using X1 and appear to be a Super Human Tech with all the answers. X1 makes me look good!"
Pat Dillon, EMC Corporation
Gain Competitive Advantage with
Better Responsiveness to Your Customer
"X1 has saved us hundreds of hours. It used to take two to five minutes to find a document. Now it takes only 10-20 seconds to find the same document. After a year of using X1, our ROI will be well over 500%."
Fentress Architects
Provide Remote Access to
Enterprise Data While Honoring Security
"We were impressed by the X1 Client, but it was the scalability of the X1 Enterprise Platform architecture that sold us. It makes desktop search effective for the two million legacy data files we have stored on our servers."
Gen Miake, Sr. Director, Information Services, Clarion Corporation of America
Accelerate Innovation without Compromising Security
"If a search solution didn't work with our customized security framework, that was a deal-killer for us. X1 is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and didn't require us to change
David Shivak, Information Technology, Manager, Metabolex, Inc.
X1 Keeps Getting Better
"Good to see that you guys are sloggin ahead. I've been a user of the X1 since its early beta days and it just keeps getting better."
Joel Dreyfuss, Editor-in-chief, Red Herring Inc.
Red Herring
Ease Regulatory Compliance and
Enforcement with Federated Search Results
"The enterprise engine is the only one on the list that can search through e-mails and other documents and federate them with back-end searches. For compliance and enforcement purposes, X1 is probably the strongest solution available."
Info World
Info World
Support Litigation with Federated Search Results
"Our lawyers love X1 and the ease with which they can find and retrieve email."
Tom Baldwin, Sheppard Mullin
Sheppard Mullin

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