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X1 Technologies Receives U.S. Patent for Quick and Effective Search Over a Network
X1 Technologies Issued U.S. Patent No. 7,424,510 for Effective Web Server to Browser Communication

PASADENA, CA – September 22, 2008 X1 Technologies, Inc., an innovator in highly usable enterprise search solutions, today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent for X1 Technologies that provides for effective search using a browser interface. Patent, No. 7,424,510, entitled Methods and Systems for Web Based Incremental Searches, covers an advanced technique for communicating keywords and search results between a browser interface and a server based search engine. The patent embodies the code that interacts with the web browser to show search fields, search results, and the viewing area for previewing contents of a search item. Compared to conventional search methods that show only a portion of results and require the user to "click next" to see additional results, this method detects scrolling through the results set and relays that information to the server application which then automatically returns additional results in the direction of scrolling. By caching the search results, the user may be presented with the search results with minimal latency, which can then be further refined with additional search criteria, thus making the search process from a web browser more interactive than reactive.

"Enterprise Search has become more than a nice to have, but a must have in order to make knowledge workers productive," said Susan Feldman, Research VP, Search and Digital Marketplace technologies at IDC. "This patent represents a growing trend in the search market: new designs for highly interactive, easy-to-use interfaces that give a user access to information across multiple applications."

The X1 Enterprise Search Suite is a combination of products that allow knowledge workers to search, preview and act upon data anywhere in the enterprise from a single, elegant interface. With the X1 Enterprise Search Suite, businesses of all sizes can search virtually everything that exists on the PC and server along with over 420 file types and applications, including email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Symantec Enterprise Vault and Lotus Notes/Domino.

"The issuance of this second patent demonstrates X1's technical prowess in both the client and server areas of enterprise search," said John Waller, President and COO of X1 Technologies. "Unlike many companies who retrofitted web search into enterprise search, we believe search for data behind the firewall is fundamentally different than web search and demands a product specific to searching data that exists throughout the enterprise."

About X1 Technologies
X1 Technologies, the innovator in enterprise search solutions, was founded in 2003 with the vision of providing a single user interface capable of previewing and acting upon data anywhere in the enterprise. X1's patented search technology scales from a single server to tens of thousands of desktops. Innovations pioneered by X1 include find-as-you-type searching along with unified, actionable search. X1 is a technology partner with leading companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec. Headquartered in Pasadena California, X1 is an operating company of Idealab. For more information, visit www.x1.com or call 626-229-3050.

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